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Greetings! I'm Frank Osorio from Dixon Illinois. I've been working online for 9 years now, I've fallen many times along my journey but always managed to pick myself up! When I came to understand that failure is part of succeeding I became more determined than ever. Every successful person failed many times before they made it to the top. You and I are no different! I'm a very strong believer in that in order to be successful in anything you desire you have to hang around with those that have what you want. That's why I associate myself with other Marketers that started just like you and I at the bottom, and now are making a 5 figure income a week! "You are who you follow!" Besides working online I also do have a life! I enjoy the great outdoors, gardening, fishing, remodeling and goofing around with the family and pets. I also have a huge passion for helping others by sharing my knowledge to help grow your business To OUR success! Frank Osorio 815-288-7840 YOU Can Make A Difference (and an income) By Being Part Of A Movement Of People Helping People. Team Up With Like-Minded Mastermind Experts Working Together To Reach A Common Goal- Personal and Financial Freedom!

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